Grocery store catering to seniors

“Nobody grows old merely by living a number of years. We grow old by deserting our ideals. Years may wrinkle the skin, but to give up enthusiasm wrinkles the soul.” – Samuel Ullman

Wednesday’s Challenge on partner Susan and my alternate site was HOME.

The concept of home does not only refer to a physical building but more generally to a feeling of well being and ease we would like to feel wherever we decide to go. This abstract concept in this article is directed to many seniors.

You see many of these folks walking about malls, markets and sidewalks with their strollers, canes , and walkers and other paraphernalia they use to get about and carry on their daily activities.

They walk about these areas of commerce and are relatively unnoticed unless they are standing in line in front of other customers in an express line or regular checkout spot and are engaging the checkout person in a conversation oblivious to the growing numbers of impatient customers behind them.

The usual response from annoyed customers eager to leave the market with their purchases is irritation and anger at the senior trying to have a social experience with the store checkout clerk.

That scenario might be a thing of the past. One super market in Edmonton was recently featured in a newscast when one of its employees noticed the trend of senior customers wanting the chance to chat with store personnel at the cashier point.

A forward thinking employee noticing this trend created a “Check and Chat” line for seniors wanting to chat with the checkout clerk.

It is a line dedicated specifically for seniors who may wish to engage in the special “chat and check out” line while at the store.

This is an innovative idea that takes into account the notion many senior citizens are lonely and appreciate the fact that chatting with someone makes them happy. 

It should be noted that I am a senior citizen and appreciate this act of courtesy and civility offered by this super market.

If you have any comments feel free to express them.

How are  you treated in the place you spend your hard earned money?

Weekly Prompts Wednesday Challenge – Home


  1. Obviously, you know I’m a senior too, but thank goodness I haven’t arrived at the point where I need to spend time chatting with a checkout assistant. Mostly, I prefer the self-checkout line, I rarely need to queue, never get stuck behind fellow seniors, and find it far quicker.

    The other day in a HomeStore I encountered the opposite situation. Lizzy and I had a hard time attempting to leave the checkout because the very needy assistant with no awareness, had started a conversation and would not stop talking even though we were backing away and obviously wanting to leave. I wouldn’t blame anyone in the queue behind us for feeling angry with the assistant.

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    • There is a senior access bus in our area that takes seniors to the supermarket on certain mornings between ten and eleven.

      I never feel impatient when an older person wants to chat but I try to avoid the senior mornings because everyone gets held up.


  2. Many times seniors are NOT always the culprits. I was ready to be cashiered out at one check out station and noticed the cashier and her “friend” engaged in conversation. It was lunch hour and there were only two cashiers onhand.After a five minute wait I decided to walk about the store.

    I returned five minutes later and this cashier was still gabbing withe the same customer. To add insult to injury she abandoned her station to pivk up an item for her friend. The cashier did not apologize to the customers patiently waiting in line.

    In this instance the delinquent cashier’s blatant disregard for shoppers was evident.

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