Matter of fat feet, flat feet, slim feet.



“People who have been in your shoes empathize with you, while people who haven’t been in your shoes sympathize with you.”— Jayden Hayes.

This week’s Wednesday Challenge on partner Susan and my alternate site was the word FOOT.

If you have been purchasing your own footwear for any length of time you will have come to the conclusion that shoe manufacturers are actively vying for your dollar and not overly concerned about your walking comfort.

You must also realize that this is the eternal struggle of the irresistible force ( a comfortable pair of high priced sneakers ) versus the immovable object ( dress shoes suitable for social occasions).

While one genre allows your foot to spread out and relax the other forces you into scrunching your now relaxed and expanded foot into an elongated and slender pair of over priced slim and slender footwear. 

If we had sausage shaped feet we could easily glide into the formal footwear with no problem. But we have flat feet, fat feet, feet with high arches and feet that refuse to be corralled and constricted into a designer’s dream of an ideal shoe.

Many folks today have opted out of this race and made a decision to sport their comfy footwear on a 24/7 long term basis.

Their choice will one day force them to face the fact that their overall shoe size will have increased causing them to announce with dismay “my feet are not  that big.”

Well surprise it happens to the best of us and the rest of us only shake our heads and silently whisper ” we told you so”.

If you find yourself facing this problem let me know.

By the way sandals, thongs and going bare foot offers the same dreary outcome.

Weekly Prompts Wednesday Challenge – Foot


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