Some items hermetically sealed

“Sometimes life gives us lessons sent in ridiculous packaging”.-Dar Williams

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Wednesday’s challenge on Susan and my alternate site was CONTAINERS.

A majority of the challenge’s participants offered photos of bottles, cans, fine crystal sugar and cream holders and other interpretations of the challenge.

I chose to go rogue and complain about those items that are wrapped in hard plastic containers that are challenging for consumers to easily remove. The product featured above is an item I recently purchased. 

A hermetically sealed container or space is so tightly closed that no air can leave or enter it. The item is separated and protected from very different conditions outside.

The box containing the product is bright, attractive and totally exposes the interior items for interested shoppers to easily view. Creative transport and shipping techniques were used to ensure the product would reach the store shelf undamaged.

Removing the desired item from its safely protective sarcophagus is a frustrating experience. It is necessary to use a sharp pair of scissors to demolish and free the item from its location.

The final photo in the above slide show offers a view of the destroyed  packaging.

I needed the glasses to effectively read but not the frustration of attempting to free my purchase from bondage. 

Happy Thanksgiving to all our American readers. 

Weekly Prompts Wednesday Challenge -Containers.


  1. One time I used a paring knife and it broke in half trying open a hermetically sealed kitchen gadget. I ended up using pincking sheers to open the package. This type of packaging is quite annoying.


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