This older cat’s gaze enticing

“Women and cats will do as they please, and men and dogs should relax and get used to the idea.”Robert A. Heinlein

A  V O C A L  B U T  L O V E A B L E   L A D Y

Last Wednesday’s challenge on partner Susan and my alternate site was PERSNICKETY PETS.

Her name is Tiger. She is nineteen years old and will soon be 20. 

Her twin sister Lily passed away two years ago this past February.

She is a vocal cat and will voice her complaints and demands for all to hear.

She is not afraid to speak up when she is hungry, thirsty, wants to go outside or come back in. She knows that raising a fuss will get results.

Tiger is a curious female. This fact became obvious when she climbed up on the kitchen table and starting walking all over a partly filled Scrabble board. She only stared at the players and showed no sign of remorse.

She is also a loveable cat and enjoys bein cuddled. 

Despite her feline antics and demands she is the type of cat that offers love and companionship to her owner. 

Her eyes are hypnotic and you cannot help but be drawn to her.

Weekly Prompts Wednesday Challenge – Pernickety Pets


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