My dinner date almost torpedoed

“Thanks for the 10 per cent tip. Even better you told me how amazing I was. Said no server ever.” – ecard quote.

N O T  G E A R E D  F O R  S E N I O R  P A T R O N S

This week’s Wednesday Challenge on partner Susan and my alternate site were the words WAITER/WAITRESS.

Sometimes a restaurant’s inexperienced and overly eager staff can unknowingly create ill will towards potential patrons who visit the site and experience somewhat shabby customer service.

The Cactus Club at West Edmonton Mall is a thoroughly modern establishment offering patrons spacious dining areas, various seating arrangements and a young work force. The downside to this is the fact that they do not cater to seniors. The music is loud and the crowd boisterous and noisy.

I planned a dinner date last Saturday and visited the site one day ahead of time to place my reservation specifically requesting a booth and not a table. The young hostess at the service desk took my name and table preference.

My dinner guest nd I arrived the next evening. I spoke to the young woman confirming reservations and she informed me that my table would be ready shortly ” a ten minute wait”.  It was no big deal.

We sat in a small sized lobby where a cold breeze made the wait uncomfortable. Eventually the hostess  informed me my “table” was ready and led me to a well lit table in the lower garden area. I protested and informed her I wanted a private booth and had requested that the day before.

Suddenly two managers appeared form nowhere and apologized for the misunderstanding. There would be another brief wait for my table to be set up. After a short wait we were led to the appropriate booth.

Our waitress was a young female about 25 years of age as bubbly and as perky as one could expect in such a place. She greeted us, dropped off the wine and food menus and left us for a few minutes. The pause gave us a chance to chat.

When the waitress did return she took our food order and we asked her for a simple glass of Dubonnet wine. She consulted her menu tablet and did not see that option on the menu. She anxiously excused herself and consulted to the person tending bar. 

She returned and informed us that unfortunately they did not carry that particular brand. We chose a five ounce glass of Chardonnay white wine. This is where the humorous part begins. The wine was served in a ten inch tall champagne flute.

Usually wine is served in an appropriate glass. The glass we were offered looked deceptive and we wondered if there really was five ounces of our beverage in it. We clinked glass and enjoyed the wine.

Out meal arrived without incident (almost). The waitress kept arriving at our table frequently to check on us and that became a major irritation in itself. My dinner companion and myself were visibly upset with her obsequious behavior. But we enjoyed the food and tolerated her.

Now for the good part. At the end of the meal, after she had received her gratuity and I had paid the bill she asked us ( two seniors) what we had planned for the rest of the evening. Her almost innocent question had a naughty inflection to it. As though the two of us were going to rush home to watch Father Brown Mystery on Public Television. Jeez.

It was  9 p.m. My date and I thought that was really none of her business and that it was cheeky of her to ask us such a  personal question. She probably felt because of our age we would head back to the senior center, put on our shawls and rock the night away. Little does she know seniors.

I really wanted to offer her a reply that actor Robert de Nero might have hurled her way. Out of respect for my date I decided to mumble something innocuous and avoid an embarrassing situation for us all.

Later that night my date asked me what I really wanted to say to this inquisitive waitress. I gave her the answer I felt appropriate. When she heard my reply we both laughed our brains out it was so funny and appropriate.

Some restaurants need to retrain their staffers on how to politely and correctly cater to a more mature customer.

Needless to say we are not going back to this restaurant. We did enjoy the laugh this server’s ignorance provided. 

Weekly Prompts Wednesday Challenge – Waiter/Waitress



  1. Gerry–I would have laughed out loud if you did your best Robert DeNiro to that waitress. We’ve not been out to eat since the beginning of the pandemic, and I can tell you I don’t miss it for all the horribly laughable reasons you state above. Good gosh!!

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    • Thanks Lois. If you can watch the movie “The Comedian” there is a scene where he is in a restaurant with a former employer club owner. He asks De Nero what his intentions are towards his daughter. De Nero looks at the father and says “I am going to pop a Viagra, f**k her brains out and then see what happens”. Very tastefully done. And you have to imagine his matter of fact facial expression as he says that. Too funny.

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