Candid glimpse of an inside man

“I abandoned my ‘need,’ my need for anything, and I found my freedom waist-deep in the bottom of a rust-green industrial spaceship marked DUMPSTER.”― Alice Minium

B A K E R Y  D U M P S T E R  A T T R A C T E D  P A S S E R B Y

Saturday’s Challenge on partner Susan and my site was the word GLIMMER. 

The gentleman above did not hesitate from eagerly entering a nearby bakery’s municipal garbage dumpster early Saturday morning  and after spending a few minutes inside the container emerged with a number of objects he had discovered at the bottom of it.

He moved silently across the shopping mall’s parking lot, entered the metal box and left a few minutes later. He moved quickly and quietly on the lot and a few minutes later left the site. 

I observed him skillfully exit the metal container, carefully place a number of objects in his satchel and nonchalantly walk away from the area.

Something inside the container had caught his attention. Perhaps he knew what was concealed in it. What he was after is open to speculation.

As to what this was is a mystery.

He left the scene a very happy camper with his new found swag.

Weekly Prompts Weekend Challenge – Glimmer



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