A tree’s bark reveals its history

“We must address trees as we must address all things confronting them in the awareness that we are in the presence of numinous mystery. “- Brian Swimme.

A  D I S P L A Y  O F   I N N O C E N C E 

A few Sundays ago I ventured out with a friend on a cloudy and rainy day to walk down a popular foot path. I was hesitant to do this but I brought my umbrella, camera and a spirit of adventure and discovery with me.

The canopy of trees provided protection from the rain and the blustery winds successfully held the showers at bay. 

The overnight sprinkle had gently covered the area and the cloudy bright skies revealed tree barks that were photographically intriguing.

The trees in this park shamelessly revealed their mysterious path to all passersby who took the time to stop and  appreciate the wealth of history presented .

Water droplets covered the leaves of many trees and people walking their dogs on this foot path ignored the threat of showers and relished the freshness in the air.

Such rainy day excursions have now captured my attention.

Weekly Prompts Wednesday Challenge – Trees


  1. Like walking in a peaceful paradise. The trials well marked and the scenery picturesque. The threat of showers did not dampen my enthusiasm for the walk.


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