Liquor store shoplifter caught at site



“The baloney weighed the raven down, and the shopkeeper almost caught him as he whisked out the delicatessen door.”― Peter S. Beagle.

Store employees physically restrain a potential thief at a west end Edmonton liquor store Wednesday evening. A female security officer looks on as the man struggles with his captors. – gc

Store employees at a west end Edmonton Liquor Depot outlet in Callingwood Mall caught  a man who stole merchandise from the store around nine p.m. Wednesday evening. The man was loud and vocal as he fought against his captors. 

A member of the BKS K9 security agency looks on and contacted Edmonton Police Services. “Lay on your stomach” was the directive given to the man a number of times. He eventually did as directed. He was in no direct danger.

EPS constables arrived at the scene and escorted the man back inside the depot. He was later transported to police headquarters. 

BPS Protective Services K-9 Inc. is the largest security K-9 company in Western Canada. 

The number of such incidents at liquor stores in the Edmonton area has increased over the past few months. 


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