These middle men mean business



“Almost without exception, they are men who dreamed of athletic heroism as children; becoming umpires was their compromise with their own lack of talent.” – Thomas Boswell.

Baseball umpires stand between the team captains before the start of a double header game last summer. The review the rules of the game. At times their decisions are spot on. Other times you want to shout “get the ump some glasses.” – gc

D I S C U S S I N G  T H E  R U L E S  O F  E N G A G E M E N T 

Saturday’s word challenge on partner Susan’s site was MIDDLE.

Baseball’s “men in black” are the game’s middle men because it is their job to call strikes, fair balls and of course outs at both bat and home plate.

Their decisions are usually impartial but many enthusiastic fans often disagree with their calls and verbally demonstrate their displeasure with boos, cat calls and of course the classic thumbs down judgment.

All in all the umpires make the game dramatic and a pleasure to watch.

Weekly Prompts Weekend Challenge – Middle




  1. I’ll have to take your word for it because as I’ve said before, watching men playing their strange games of running around fields chasing and hitting balls whether football, baseball or whatever, is mind numbing. It’s akin to how men in a bar might feel if they were forced to sit around watching the ladie’s knitters circle!

    I’m delighted you joined in the challenge though 🙂

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