Women groped in Safeway outlet

“Boys will be boys and so will a lot of middle aged men.” – Kin Hubbard.

Women in their mid fifties are being groped and targeted by men in their mid 40’s as they are shopping in the produce section of the store.

There appears to be a growing trend in a number of Edmonton Alberta Safeway Supermarkets of men in their mid-40’s physically groping and harassing women in their mid 50’s as they are shopping in the produce sections of the store.
I discovered this earlier today when I was cashiering out my groceries and over heard two female customers standing in line behind me complaining that they had been physically groped and accosted by a few men in their mid 40’s in that north west Edmonton Callingwood location.
Both women said that their assailants groped their breasts and butt cheeks and when the women complained to store management the men ( outraged at the sexual accusations) accused the women of lying and welcoming their advances.
The woman standing in line next to me said that the summer- like weather means shedding warmer winter clothing and that this seems to encourage some men to over step the line of propriety.
I asked her if she reported the incident(s) to store management . She did so but it became a matter of he said/she said. The store has no clear policy to help her with this situation.
I asked her if she did or said anything to dissuade the man from groping her and she said she told him to “keep your hands off my ass and grope yourself instead!”
The man was in her opinion taken aback by her comment and left her alone.
This new trend is demeaning and intimidating for women.
She said ” these guys should seek counselling or join a dating site.”
I was unable to get a quote from store management at the time.
What would you have done if it happened to you?


  1. This kind of behaviour is unacceptable, it’s assault.

    What would I do? Firstly, I would shout loudly to draw attention to the assault and I would have used my phone to take a photograph of the offender, follow him if necessary, next I would report the assault to the store security and the police. I imagine that the store has security cameras on every aisle.

    Every sexual offence without forensic evidence is someone’s word against the other, but if enough fuss is made it will be followed through.

    What? Join an online dating site, seek counselling? What ridiculous suggestions from those women. The men are sexual offenders, albeit minor, they need arresting and locking up before their unpleasant, deviant activities lead to more serious sexual assaults. Online dating indeed, whatever next, a spa day?


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