Trash often bites you on the butt



“In the countryside, litter doesn’t have a friend. It doesn’t have anybody who’s saying, ‘Wait a minute, this is really starting to get out of control.'” –Bill Bryson.

Waste that is carelessly deposited on city streets is an eye sore and labels the area as one that is blighted and populated by folk who just don’t give a damn about the environment. The concrete container in the photo above is the designated trash bin. The adjacent bus shelter was the handy alternative. I wonder if municipal myopia is contagious?

This week’s Saturday’s Challenge on Susan and my alternate site was the word WASTE.

Trash. Waste. Refuse. Garbage. All these words and applicable phrases describe items that are discarded after we have finished using them. They are the empty containers, wrappings, cardboard and particle boards used to protect the items purchased from damage.

But the damage that is done to a fragile eco system is not calculated into the equation as illustrated here in the photo above.

Having a lot of disposable income allows consumers to purchase new and better articles for themselves and their homes. 

The downside involves the disposal of all the packaging that shipping companies employ to avoid damage claims . 

Sometimes the packing used to protect harms the environment. 

Garbage strikes are one thing. Consumer indifference another.



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