Credit card criminals crave your info



“Some people are just stuck in their ways and have been brainwashed into believing that credit cards and debt are an unavoidable part of life. ” — Dave Ramsey

This is the time of year when folks like to travel and reserve their accommodation at the hotels that have openings. Sometime you are lucky and can book at the hotel you choose. Other times you have to take what’s left.

This is a sad real life tale about all those travelers who are fleeced by a call to their room by a supposed front desk staff member who requests credit card information going way beyond the bounds of reasonableness.

Typically when checking in at the front desk you give your credit card to a person behind the front desk so that your card can be charged for any services you may incur during your stay there. Typically this is a ne time procedure.

Satisfied that you did everything correctly you go to your room and after having settled in you receive a call from the front desk telling you that there was a problem with your credit card and that the card number and the three digit pin on the back of the card needs to be reconfirmed over the phone.

Many travelers readily provide this information to the caller because in their opinion the voice on the other end of the line sounds so darn professional. You think and believe you are chatting with the front desk but your are giving your information to a creative credit card huckster.

The thief called the hotel, asked for a random room number and then calls your room asking for your cred card private information.

If this happens to you tell the caller you will call the front desk or will visit the reservation desk to check out this request. Ask if there was a problem with your card.

If not inform the front desk that someone called your room seeking personal and private credit card data.

Many folks have been duped by this con game and have lived to regret it.

Has this ever happened to you?



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