Early morning fire extinguished



“Surely where there’s smoke there’s fire? No, where there’s so much smoke there’s smoke.”  John Archibald Wheeler

Smoke billowed out of a main floor apartment unit Sunday morning in North Edmonton as firefighters placed large industrial fans to rid the building of toxic fumes. The building is a four storey walkup.

An early Sunday morning fire alarm sent five fire trucks, two police units and one E.M.S. vehicle to an apartment complex fire around nine a.m. 

Residents in the affected building watched as Edmonton Fire Department firemen did their best to contain the damage to the affected suite.

Six large industrial size fans were placed on each floor of this four floor walk up.

As you can see in this photo smoke billowed easily out the front patio door of this basement unit.

The fire was contained. Two E.F.D. fire trucks returned to the scene about 5 p.m. to inspect the site . There were no reported injuries.

Residents returned to their suites around 10:45 without incident.


The fire started early Sunday morning when a female resident dropped her cell phone and used her lighter to locate it after it fell to the floor. The flame from the lighter ignited the mattress and it caught fire. The mattress was made from a flammable material that did not retard fire. 

There was no damage to the suites adjacent to this one.

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