Shaquille mocks toothless Canucks

Los Angeles King Player



“If you’re going to play hockey, you’re going to lose some teeth” — Flyers defenseman Kimmo Timonen Hartnell.

Who gave him the Jersey?

This week’s Wednesday challenge on partner Susan and my alternate site was the word MISSING.

I found the above Epson infomercial about their Eco Tank ink cartridge featuring Shaquille O’Neal to be derogatory and offensive.

He introduces himself as not being a Canadian. Then although he says he likes poutine he then flashes an intentionally staged smile at the start of the commercial with a tooth missing on the front of his mouth.

For hockey players who wear only a half visor or no facial protection on their helmet, losing teeth is a possibility any time you step on the ice. Hits to the mouth can come from opponents with reckless sticks, high shots, and collisions with other players.

The commercial I think was done in bad taste. In effect his aggressive and almost playful style could be intimidating and a put down on Canadian culture and lifestyle.

While this billionaire brazenly flaunts his million dollar smile with its over sized teeth he might not be aware than not all Canucks have missing teeth. Sure the cost of dental health care is high but all Canadians are not actively engaged in eating poutine and playing hockey.

At one time many Americans believed that when they cross the border into Canada you have to bring snow shoes to get around the country. THat may be true for some arts of the country in the winter but hell give us a break.

I am sure if Mr. O’Neal too  the time to watch his commercial and not have dollar signs in his eyes he would he might have questioned the ethic behind it.

This time I think Shaque and Epson have bitten off more than they can chew.

Weekly Prompts Wednesday Challenge -Missing

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