Burger joint promotes 60’s theme

“Nobody knew they needed a smartphone, an automobile, or even a cheeseburger from a drive-through window.”

In the good old days having a celebrity taking your order a the local burger joint was a big deal. In today’s digital environment texting has gained prominence.

This week’s Wednesday Challenge on partner Susan and my alternate site was RETRO FIT

Many times the things and concepts that were once popular fade away in the past but for the burger joint featured here the old blended well with their business. A perfect fit to be sure.

Jack’s Drive Inn is a family owned burger joint located in Spruce Grove Alberta ( one half hour drive from Edmonton ) . The seating is somewhat limited but that does not stop customers from flocking there to eat burgers and onion rings that can easily outshine the larger modern day hamburger eateries.

Buddy Holly, Little Richard and James Dean are also there to greet customers. Their spirit of the 60’s rocks the joint. The deep fired onion rings and double patty burger did it for me!


I should thank my friend and site manageress Gloria for suggesting this place for me to have lunch at. It was one of those finds you like to keep to yourself but at the same time spread the word about the uniqueness of the place.

Weekly Prompts Wednesday Challenge – Retro Fit


  1. Burgers… I’m not a McDonald’s fan unless it’s a chicken burger and I dislike their thin fries.
    I only know of one 50/60s type diner near here and it too has similar images decorating the walls.
    Elsewhere, I almost always choose a beef burger but I’m unsure which I enjoy most, onion rings, burger or the chunky fries. 🙂


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