The conundrum of the infinite


” In this unbelievable universe in which we live there are no absolutes. Even parallel lines, reaching into infinity, meet somewhere yonder.” Pear Buck.

Should  infants be taught to gaze at their navels to help them focus not only on talking and walking and saying mamma and daddy ( essential life skills ) but also prepare them to try to figure out their place in the scheme of things?

I am currently in a philosophic state of mind. My friend is presently laying in a hospital bed with a feeding tube inserted in her abdomen. She is afflicted with Gehrig’s disease. The symptoms started slowly and accelerated the last few months.

Lou Gehrig’s disease is a disorder that’s also called amyotrophic lateral sclerosis  or ALS. The official name comes from these Greek words: So, amyotrophic means that the muscles have lost their nourishment.

Her mind is still healthy and active but her muscles and limbs and bodily functions  require intervention. She is unable to speak but her eyes open wide when family friends and myself visit her.

With that scenario in mind I wonder if the word infinity is more of a subjective rather than objective label to us on this brutal and harsh reality.

Those of a religious persuasion try to live each day so that when they leave this reality they will be magically transported to a place without suffering, pain and conflict. These folks hope this state of safety and security will last forever.

Each day for my friend Lauran  is one step closer to her own demise. I can only imagine that her physical and mental anguish makes every day an infinity of anguish and fear.

She was a nurse in her long term career and knows the outcome of her own illness. When family members and friends visited she would divulge her medical condition and immediately their reaction was one of sympathy and sadness.

The German philosopher Friedrich Nietzsche proposed the notion of eternal recurrence in which you live your life so that if you have to relive it over and over again it will be pleasant and non threatening. Great idea huh.

Eternal return (German: Ewige Wiederkunft; also known as eternal recurrence) is a concept that the universe and all existence and energy has been recurring, and will continue to recur an infinite number of times across infinite time or space.

Jim Morrison of the rock group the Doors also had his notion on this infinity concept. In one song he says that we are all invited after death to watch a full screen movie version of our lives ad infinitum. For the majority of us the term should be ad nauseum.

I am posting this blog article to help me come to grips with the situation happening to my friend and expressing my thoughts about reality tends to calm me down. 

Thank you for reading my diatribe against a brash and brutal reality. 

It is now Miller time for me. Cheers.




  1. Interesting article! My thoughts on eternity are base on the Bible. I do believe that our souls are eternal and our bodies are temporary. I am sorry that your friend has to go through this. Life makes us think about all sorts of things, doesn’t it?


    • Glad you liked the article. I too believe our souls are eternal. It is interesting how something as temporary as our bodies can inflict such sadness and sorrow on our souls. I think in a ‘perfect’ reality we could learn from our pasr experiences and do better in the next life cycle.

      It seems that as far as I or anyone else knows the afterlife is labelled a rebirth ..a fresh start.

      In the meanttime and in between time we have to accept things that baffle our human understanding.

      Like you my belief in God and my faith and a lot of praying help me to hold things together.

      Thank you for you comments.


  2. I have feelings of dejavu as well. I am very sorry for your friend. Life has a way of making us think about all sorts of things, doesn’t it? My view of eternity is based on the Bible. I think I will hold on to that. Interesting article!


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