Chocolate rabbits are “pure” rip offs

“Believing in the Easter Rabbit is like saying you believe in an over sized purple bunny pooping colorful eggs on your lawn.” – Unknown.

It’s Easter Monday and the long and the short of it is this: all those youngsters who received a chocolate rabbit for Easter now realize that the much touted character is hollow at best and a charlatan at worst.

I personally favor the large cream filled chocolate egg having suffered the disappointment of previous year rabbits falling short of my expectations.

On Easter morning I heard two neighbor children in the hallway (boy 6 and his sister 5) negotiating the gift the mythical entity left them: the boy bragged about the larger rabbit he got while his sister looked on enviously because she only received a boxed chocolate egg. 

His sister preferred the bunny because in her opinion it looked “cuddly” and it had ears making it appear to be a more formidable gift. The egg was boxed in a colorful plastic wrapped box and was not as flamboyant as her brother’s.

Try as he may to dissuade her from both wanting and actually making the gift exchange after a ten minute negotiation session he finally relented and changed gifts with her.

This was her very first such rabbit and she was probably imagining all the tasty chocolate contained in so big a rabbit. After carefully removing the gold and silver wrapping from her gift she slowly took her first bite.

She immediately noticed that her much sought after gift was filled with air.

“”Hey, this rabbit is hollow!” she shouted to her brother.

Many other children nation wide who also received this much touted treat may have experienced this feeling of disappointment and dismay. Their rabbit lacked substance. They probably felt cheated.

There is a cartoon floating around showing a chocolate bunny sitting in a dentist’s chair demanding that he fill it with pure milk chocolate.

Even the rabbit was disgusted with its hollow and linear place on the shelf.

Over the years I have purchased my fair share of the Lindt chocolate rabbit having been attracted by its glitzy packaging and promise of experiencing a chocolate form of nirvanic ecstasy. That didn’t happen. I bought the hype and not the fact of the moment. The advertising mavens succeeded in getting me to spend.

Perhaps these higher priced seasonally involved candy manufacturers should rethink their product line , place a consumer warning label on the packing telling customer the product is hollow or best yet produce a smaller chocolate filled offering that will not lead to customer dissatisfaction.

Until that bit of honesty is offered the “pure” rabbit is tainted.

What do you think?

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  1. I’m not really a fan of chocolate on its own, so not into eggs nor chocolate rabbits either. When given an egg it’s usually the side offering of soft toffee filled bars that I prefer.
    Each year I pass on the eggs to someone who loves chocolate, usually Joshua!

    This year, while having lunch we saw the Easter bunny – a tiny baby rabbit ventured into the garden to nibble the grass while Woody was indoors hoping to receive a treat of an Easter lunch.

    Woody was out of luck, he’d stolen half an egg from Max’s drawer so there were no treats coming his way! 🙂

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