Easter morning a snowy whiteout

“Life is no different than the weather. Not only is it unpredictable, but it shows us a new perspective of the world every day.” ― Suzy Kassem

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TH E  LO N G  A N D  S H O R T  O F  I T  A L L

Saturday’s challenge on partner Susan and my alternate was SHORT.

To make a long story short the weather in Alberta , especially the Edmonton area, is especially capricious and fickle. We have an expression here that if you check on the weather every fifteen minutes the condition outside will change to something else.

The Edmonton area received a fair amount of snow overnight and turned the streets and sidewalks once again into a winter wonderland. The snowfall was part of a weather system that had the night before dumped a record amount of snow on the adjacent provinces of Saskatchewan and Manitoba.

We had received only a light sprinkling of the white stuff the night before and prematurely breathed a deep sigh of relief. Bt Mother Narre in her overly generous way revisited the area. 

However by late morning the warmth of the sun had melted a good percentage of the white stuff and ;ate morning automobile and foot traffic did not have to navigate through inches of snow. The wonder and the warmth of spring. There were lingering snowdrifts to put the Easter eggs into.

The atmosphere inside the Safeway Callingwood outlet was warm, friendly and keeping in spirit with the holiday theme. Log time employees Luke ( produce department) and Carrie ( bakery) done their rabbit ears and greeted customers with cheer and warm smiles.

On behalf of Susan and myself I would like to wish all our readers a very Happy and safe Easter.

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  1. We were sat out in the garden enjoying the mild weather while you had all that snow! Poor Easter bunny!

    Our weather is just as unpredictable as yours, It could so easily have been the other way around. The view from your window looks lovely when covered in snow. 🙂

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