Rust bucket given a second viewing



“I feel like a fine old car with the parts gradually wearing out, but I’m not complaining.M.Gellhorn.

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Lynne Reimer photos(c) 2022.

This week’s Wednesday’s  challenge on Susan and my site was RUST BUCKETS.

Rust buckets are trucks, cars or boats that have lived past their useful years and have become public eyesores thanks to the damage that the years and rust have done.

These photos were taken last September where a field in a remote location suddenly became the hidden burial site of this abandoned truck.

Antique car and truck collectors proudly display the fine shape their prized and expensive to maintain vehicles are in. 

Rust bucket entrepreneurs are more than eager to remove such antiquated and useless vehicles from their premises.

A person’s bucket list should include a place to finally rest these vehicles.


Weekly Prompts Wednesday Challenge – Rust Buckets.


  1. Now that’s a novelty, I never heard of a Rust Bucket list! Not a bad idea, Gerry, perhaps we the aging population should begin to sort out our and dispose of all those items we’ve been storing/hoarding all these years, the things that are of no interest to anyone else. It would save our relatives a lot of bother further down the line. 🙂


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