Three year old loves baking cakes



“You are the sum total of everything you’ve ever seen, heard, eaten, smelled, been told, forgot – it’s all there.” – Maya Angelou

Avery ( left) beams with pride and appreciation as she and grandmother Judy finish putting candy sprinkles atop the vanilla cake they just baked.

Last Wednesday’s challenge on partner Susan and my alternate site was titled KIDS N TREATS.

Do you think that all children are merely avid consumers of all the cakes, cookies and pies their parents offer them?

In the majority of cases you may be correct but a precocious youngster named Avery ( she will be four years old in May) recently asked her grandmother if she could help make a square cake ( of any flavor) the next time one was being made.

She did not want to bake a heart-shaped cake ( she had seen cup cakes for Valentine Day ) and did not want to make a round one either. When asked for what occasion the cake was being baked she did not know but guessed it was a birthday cake.

This was her first attempt at baking a cake. She had helped her mother make sandwiches before but this time she wanted to bake a cake.

And so the square 9″ by 13″ vanilla cake presented in the above photo was made. The inside of the creation was pink and a yellow food coloring used for its color.

A tip of the Betty Crocker baker’s cap is raised in her honor.


Weekly Prompts Wednesday Challenge – Kids ‘n Treats





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