Dawn did it her way … and won

“Unless we make Christmas an occasion to share our blessings, all the snow in Alaska won’t make it ‘white.’- Bing Crosby.

Although this photo of Dawn was taken last Christmas her spirit of giving, helping her customers and spreading the joy of the season has not dwindled. Her gingerbread house entry was favored by all those store customers who voted.

In a recent article ( ” He’s fighting the Christmas crunch    “) I wrote about the way one Callingwood Canada Safeway outlet in north Edmonton had neglected to spread the Christmas cheer by not encouraging the employees in the store’s various departments to have their well received gingerbread house contest.

The article described the way Luke ( an employee in the produce department) continued to spread the seasonal cheer by wearing holiday garb to work everyday starting on December 1st. His effort was daring and inspirational.

Dawn, a part time student employee who works in the bakery department and at the checkout counter, was inspired and with a fellow employee decided to offer a very limited in store gingerbread house display.

Her display( highlighted in the photo above) captured customer approval . Her display took first prize. Her Christmas theme including a few Star War characters added a touch of humor to the display.

Last year there were more displays offered but somehow a change in managerial policy and a lack of encouragement almost led to no displays being offered at all.

Dawn said that she wanted to spread the Christmas spirit and creating the display was her way of doing this. 

Sometimes you have to buck the system in order to spread glad tidings.



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