Doodling – moments of artistic fun

“It just comes out of my subconscious. If you asked me to draw you a doodle, I couldn’t do it.” – Lois Frankel

E X P R E S S I N G  Y O U R  I N N E R  A R T I S T  S I D E

Wednesday’s Challenge on partner Susan and my site was DOODLING.

While the majority of people in the world are not artists we all willingly submit to the creative spurt from time to time to pick up a pen or pencil or crayon and doodle to help us pass the time when we are bored – usually at staff meetings or in the classroom during a particularly boring lecture or lesson.

The creator of the above doodle ensemble is Jasmine a talented 24-year old female who enjoys doodling not as a way to fight boredom but rather as a form of inner expression of her artistic talent.

There is nothing wrong with doodling. There is the notion that bored staff members while in this expressive state of mind frequently unclog the mental log jam of ideas that have caused the productive side of such think tank meetings to flounder.


Weekly Prompts Wednesday Challenge – Doodling.


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