Imagine Van Gogh presented virtually


“Great things are done by a series of small things brought together.”- Vincent Van Gogh


Wednesday’s Challenge on partner Susan and my alternate site was titled VIRTUAL EXHIBITIONS.

This past summer I visited the above “Imagine Van Gogh” immersive exhibition at the Edmonton Fair Grounds.

The event had been scheduled for March of this year but the ever present COVID 19 threw the proverbial monkey wrench into those plans.

The immersive experience chronicles more than 200 of Vincent Van Gogh’s paintings through a unique journey inside the artist’s artworks.

If you enjoy virtual experiences at home on your computer prepare yourself for a psychological awakening.

Period piece music creates the mood for the viewing but the floors, walls and even the ceiling becomes alive with paintings and photos relating to the artist and his work.

If the exhibition comes to your city try to get tickets and experience the artist and his turbulent times.



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