Sometimes saying “bite me” works

A delicate emotional balance




“People become attached to their burdens sometimes more than the burdens are attached to them.” – Anon

I was visiting a friend’s house the other day when she received a call of desperation from her adult daughter. It sounded as though the daughter was at her wits end and that her personal tipping point of tolerance and patience was wearing thin.

The daughter is a hard working and compassionate person who remarked during the telephone conversation she was getting tired of being used by indifferent people and that she now suspected that her breaking point would soon be breached and that the “slightest provocation” would result in a heated argument for all concerned.

Her daughter told her that she is getting to the point where she is ready to face the offending individuals and tell them to “bite me” to show her frustration with their uncaring and manipulating behavior.

I can appreciate the way she is currently feeling. From time to time we find ourselves in interactions that upset us but we somehow gather the stamina and will power to bite the bullet and not get too emotionally distraught.

The above video might offer you some suggestions to help mitigate your emotional tensions and save the good will you are trying to maintain.
















  1. I think we all experience a little of that, but maybe not to the extent of the person you were referring to. Ah well, let’s hope a few lessons are learnt from it. 🙂


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