This musician needs to be identified




This is a public plea to all those jazz enthusiasts who love saxophone music and are relatively familiar with the artists involved. Partner Susan would like to know the name of the musician depicted in this piece of art. We are at our wits end for a name. – gc

Nan's Farm

I love black colour not because its colour is black, but because it never changes its colour but can change other colours.” ~ Hrushabh Hillode

This is my second response to partner GC and my Weekly Prompts Simply BlackColour Challenge.

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  1. I love sleuthing so Googled ‘jazz saxophone players who were dark glasses.’ There are a lot of stock photos out there so I am not sure if this is a particular jazz saxophonist or just a jazz player in general. Two that seem to wear sunglasses a lot, though, are Miles Davis and John Coltrane. Hope this helps, Gerry.

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