Leaky valve makes a midnight run


“It is the small things in life which count; it is the inconsequential leak which empties the biggest reservoir. ”  — Charles Comiskey

N O I S Y  F A N S  A N D  T I G H T  S P A C E S 

This article is written in conjunction with Wednesday’s Challenge on partner Susan and my alternate site whose word challenge was UNFORSEEN.

Have you ever noticed that things in life are not as simple as we make them out to be? Take leaky pipes as an example. There seems to be two types of water leaks: (1) the straight forward “stop me if you can menace”,  and (2) the more insidious but equally disastrous sneaky faucet leak. I recently experienced the latter and almost needed scuba gear to handle that scenario.

A few Monday’s ago ( after the midnight hour) I was in the kitchen turning off the stove light and getting ready to hit the proverbial sack when I heard an unusual running water sound.

I listened intently and at that time assumed it was merely the sound of a neighbor’s dish washer tending to its duties. The sound of running water is a common occurrence in the building. I turned off the light and went to bed.

Around eight a.m. that morning I walked into the kitchen area and noticed that the floor near the sink was wet and slippery. I opened one of the cabinet doors and did not see any water damage inside the cabinetry. The hissing sound continued and I stepped into a fair amount of water in front of the fridge and suite sized washer and dryer. 

At about 8:05 a.m. an urgent call for help was placed to the building’s maintenance man. At that time he told me that he had been looking for the cause of the leak for the past hour. He admitted he was baffled. The call helped to allay his fears. 

To find out what happened next click on the link below and all the soggy details will be provided there for you. Enjoy.


Weekly Prompts Wednesday Challenge – Unforeseen



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