Moving up to fiber optic alternative

We live in a cult of the upgrade right now. There’s always something around the corner that will make whatever you think is cool right now feel obsolete. ”  — Colin Trevorrow

A  S P E E D I E R  I N T E R N E T  C O N N E C T I O N

Last Wednesday’s Challenge on partner Susan and my alternate site was On the Move.

Last week independent contractors began burrowing  their gopher holes ( at least eight of these eye sores) about the residential site I live at. Their goal: to update the outmoded internet cable connection with a speedier, more efficient fiber optic cable that would ensure a more efficient and effective customer experience.

There are two cable service providers serving the area: Shaw and TELUS. The array of strategically placed holes about the property were sponsored by TELUS Communications. Shaw Communications is my provider of choice.

My cause for concern occurred Saturday morning when I was having breakfast and in the middle of a Magnum PI episode the television screen went blue. A message flashed on the screen advising me to contact my service provider for assistance. This caused a brief chuckle since the provider was not open on the weekend due to COVID. I would have to tough out the weekend without television.

I contacted an online Shaw consultant on Saturday afternoon and late Sunday evening and fiddled and played with all types of “sure to work” methods to breathe new life into the unit. Nothing worked and everything was tried and failed. Oh well.

Monday morning I spoke with the onsite supervisor for the project and asked him if the digging might have damaged a cable from Shaw. He assured me that it did not especially when I told him the I still had telephone and internet service. The television service was disrupted.

A service technician is scheduled to visit my suite today Tuesday. Hopefully he will bring with him a new DVR box. I am getting tired of watching the same error message on the screen informing me that service will be returned momentarily. 

Television is not my babysitter but it does keep me informed, entertained and sane. 

There ya go. The cat is out of the proverbial bag.!

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