Divorce=closure: separation=chaos


“No respectable woman worth her salt would ever want to be in a relationship with a man who is embroiled in a potentially bitter divorce proceeding. ” — Anon.

Imagine if you will this senior couple at a social gathering wanting to interact but social sentiment will label her as a loose woman and the man as a philanderer. It is definitely a tension causing situation.

This week’s Saturday challenge on partner Susan and my alternate site is DIVORCE.

In life death is the final solution to many things of importance: loving relationships; family security; interactions with a significant other and familial cohesion. Death offers the grieving and remaining partner the opportunity to find closure and start a new chapter in their now empty life.

Separation is equally disruptive but the remaining partner is plagued by anxiety, loss and bewilderment as to the reason why his/her  long term partner suddenly up and left their home without a word of warning or any other type of explanation. 

This abandonment is especially hurtful when that partner encourages family, friends and work associates to not reveal their current location. In many cases an abusive at home situation could be the justification for the silent treatment. But in other scenarios it appears that a disgruntled partner in a difficult marital situation intentionally wants to inflict hurt and chaos on the partner left behind.

This is especially true in many senior relationships where no children are involved and that the division of property is of paramount concern to the abandoning spouse. Lacking the opportunity to have this closure the man/woman is placed in a state of emotional limbo: people are social animals and are comfortable interacting with other people.

But when people meet and discover they share a certain mindset and a potential relationship could develop their actions are thwarted and put on hold until a legal decree from the courts publicly broadcasts that a decree nisi has been granted and their social life can now resume. The slamming of the judge’s gavel in the courtroom provides the legal justification to continue any type of interpersonal relationship.

The aberrant partner in the marriage has cleverly manipulated the social and emotional state of the one they left behind while they are enjoying a new personal freedom that they probably have longed for. Their own actions are left unchecked while they have effectively retarded the potential happiness of the faithful spouse.

Are the ones these indifferent folks have left behind expected to put their personal lives on the back burner of life until their once caring and sharing partner grabs a brain and a lawyer to end this legal mish mosh of emotions?

This sad, real life situation afflicts more people today due to the emotionally numbing effects the COVID 19 virus has inflicted on the world. 

When normal human emotions of caring, concern and understanding  have been put on the chopping block everyone suffers.



Weekly Prompts Weekend Challenge – Divorce

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