Starting new year on a blank page





“You can’t go back and change the beginning., but you can start where you are and change the ending.  —C.S. Lewis.

The Weekend Challenge on partner Susan’s site was  a color challenge. The word was WHITE.

As usual I deviated from the actual color reference and decided to use a metaphorical whitening as regards the use of today’s bar codes and the unusual amount of information that is often stored by this modern day convenience.

My friend Luke ( in photo above) usually wears a tie to commemorate all the special holidays that happen during the year. The ties are usually colorful and fun filled and he often receives comments from all the customers who visit the produce department.

This year when I visited him at a Safeway outlet in Callingwood he was not wearing his usual holiday cravat. When I asked him about that he said that 2020 was a very depressing year and that he did not feel like celebrating the arrival of the new year.

O n January 2nd when I visited the produce department again he was wearing a different kind of new year tie. It was composed of bar codes which he claimed had no hidden meaning or information worthy of uncovering.

“People use their cell phones to try to decipher what the bar code symbolizes but I tell them it is just  a bar code lacking any type of input” he said.

His choice makes logical sense. How many of us when we throw out our old calendars from the year gone by fail to leave all the misery, heartache and disappointment  behind and start a fresh page – a blank sheet for the new year open to possibilities and new beginnings?

I would wager that we all bring last years problems and doubts onto the pages of the new year calendar.

The challenge for you: this year try a novel approach and make each day a blank page open to experience and not base it on last year’s morbid scenario.

This novel approach might just make the coming year a lot more exciting and open to possibilities.


Weekly Prompts Color Challenge – White


    • Thank you for the heads up. Could you contact my partner Susan. She is the technical expert. Thank you for posting to our challenge. Be safe. 🙂


  1. I love the feeling of a new dairy with blank pages – for the first few weeks I write down everything – lol, even the recycling and refuse collection schedule! – because I love to fill the pages up.

    It is a nice feeling to feel you can start afresh.

    This year has felt odd because the year changed right in the middle of an international crisis. And yet, I must admit, I feel so safe staying at home with Ben. I do worry about anyone on their own, I hope they have ways to connect so they don’t feel isolated.

    I also worry for anyone who lives in a home that does not feel safe – if they are subjected to mental or physical abuse it must be awful.

    I have a new appreciation of what the words “home” and “safe” mean.

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