COVID 19 -A city’s potential cash cow?

“I believe that if life gives you lemons make lemonade. Try to find somebody whose life has given them vodka and have a party.” — Ron White.

First off a very Happy New Year from partner Susan and myself. May the new year offer you health, wealth, prosperity and more importantly peace of mind.

As we go into round number two with this current COVID pandemic there are a few things you should be noticing.

While the majority of sane people in the world are deciding to either continue to wear masks or wait patiently to get their vaccination there are still numbskulls out there who staunchly refuse to wear a mask and view the vaccine as a tool to infect the world population with a deadly disease.

Municipalities are trying to enforce the “mask up” directive and to that end my city, Edmonton Alberta, hired forty new police constables whose job it is to enforce the mask protective policy. That is there sole duty at the time of this writing.

Where I live there is a dire need for an increased police presence but the powers that be have decided that the additional police assignments target folks who let their common sense and mask slip beneath their very noses.

There are two person squads patrolling streets looking for anyone and everyone who lets their guard and their mask down. The fine for such an infraction is currently set at $1,000. If you caught hosting such a party your guests are each fined that amount while you are facing a $10,000 fine.

In West Edmonton Mall I noticed a couple receiving a ticket for the minimum fine. I guess they forgot that we are in the middle of a pandemic and let their vigilance stray for only a moment. But it cost them.

I realize that this is a drastic step that municipalities are taking to protect their citizens from the deadly virus but do you think that city fathers could up the ante because they realize the virus offers an opportunity to rake in the bucks for city coffers. City coppers increasing the city coffers?

My city is currently in a sate of lockdown until the middle of January. Non essential businesses are closed and the boredom of not being able to enjoy life on a daily basis is helping folks forget about social distancing and all the other imposed restrictions.

Hopefully by mid January the restrictions will ease up and a semblance of normalcy will return.

What is it like where you live.? Have police patrols turned their directive from fighting crime to battling folks who let their guard down and their pocketbook open for stiff fines?

Are you considering getting the COVID vaccine when it becomes available?

Let me know what you think. 



  1. It’s weird here in Florida, Gerry. The stores all have signs to mask up before entering their premises but it is not enforced. Same thing outdoors–some people mask, others do not. We don’t get into any close contact with people except for our food shopping and, even then, I steer clear of others. What does it take to realize we need to take this seriously? We are heading into year # 2 of this. I don’t get it. You take care. I’ve not seen Sue in a while; I hope she is feeling better. Please send my love if you have a chat with her. Happy New Year, Gerry.

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    • I told Susan yesterday what you said hello. Her progress is slow and on a day by day, hour by hour basis. I am sure she will make a full recovery soon.

      As far as CPVID 19 enforcement is concerned I was in the supermarket. A male over 60 years of age passed me and as he did I noticed he was not wearing a mask. I asked him if I could offer him one of mine. He said no thanks and then tapped a button on his jacket. The button said “I am exempt”.

      As he turned to leave I asked him: “Does the virus know that you are exempt or are you merely hoping that it will pass you by?'”

      He did not like my reply but that is his problem. I wonder who gave him the exemption from such a horrid virus. But he went about his business infecting other unsuspecting shoppers.

      Such is life. Happy New Year to you and yours Lois. Stay safe. 🙂

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      • An ‘exempt’ button–that’s a new one on me. Shame he could not answer your simple question. Thank you for passing on my best to Sue. I hope she does recoup well. Thanks, Gerry.

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        • I will pass your best wishes on to Susan. I should note that the city is revoking this type of exemption button and card. The new wave of COVID makes such items ridiculous. I guess no one ever questioned the man’s reason for being so proud of this inane button.

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  2. Here in a US State where government officials feel it imposes on people’s rights to mandate masks, everything is open, people are free to do whatever they wish. It is lunacy!! I read today I will be lucky to get vaccinated by spring, when I will be 72.


  3. We don’t have police control yet over masking. In fact here in California they are petitioning to have our Governor removed because he has shut down places to make it safe and to get back to a COVID free life. But… no one is listening and our hospitals are at over percentage now. You used a good term *numbskulls*. Police and government wouldn’t have to get involved if there weren’t those numbskulls going out unmasked and pretending this isn’t happening. All it takes is common sense. Wear the mask. Wear the mask. Wear the mask.

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    • I agree with you 100 per cent. Yesterday I discovered a new wrinkle in the mask wearing scenario. I was in the grocery store and a male customer ( a senior) passed by me and wore no mask. I politely asked him if I could offer him a mask. He said he did not need one. He tapped a button on his jacket indicating that he was “exempt” from wearing a mask. I asked him if the virus knew he was exempt and spreading the virus to other people. He just turned and walked away. So much for moral behavior. The city I live in is trying to revoke this ludicrous exemption.

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      • Unfortunately we might have to go under Federal Law because there are so many, and only in America, that are just senseless. COVID doesn’t care…and our hospitals intake are proving that. I wouldn’t blame the doctors and nurses for a walk out.

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        • I hope people who do get the vaccine realize that they still have to wear the face mask. The vaccine is NOT a magic bullet. Please stay safe and continue to mask up and be vigilant. Need you to stay in good health and spirits. 🙂

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