These mannequins are no dummies




“Mannequins are the artificial intelligence of the modelling industry.”― Mokokoma Mokhonoana

S I L E N T  M E S S E N G E R S  

This Saturday’s Challenge on partner Susan’s site is the word ART.

From this simple three letter word I pose this question: Are store front mannequins works of art or are they mere advertising tools used to seductively entice you to enter a store and part with your hard earned cash?

The presence of the COVID 19 virus has dissuaded many shoppers from even going out to shop for presents this Christmas season. Walking though the mall I noticed this one shop quietly advocating the use of face masks.

This past week as I walked through the commercial areas at West Edmonton Mall I noticed that the customer foot traffic was down from last year.

Stores that at one time were offering phenomenal discounts to interested customers were closed for the next month due to an increase in the city’s overall COVID infection rate (The R value) .

Many businesses were once again forced to either lessen their hours of operation or close down completely until the middle of January 2021. Foot traffic was scarce and the stores that were allowed to remain open seriously lacked purchasing customers.

There was a new addition to the denizens roaming the mall. Two person police units were now patrolling the entire mall keeping their eyes peeled for shoppers who were not wearing their masks properly. Lowering your mask will now get you a $1,000 fine.

This one shop above had the right idea. Even though its doors were closed to the public their display mannequins silently projected the message of masking up and staying safe.

Hopefully next Christmas season the tone will be more positive and upbeat.


Weekly Prompts Weekend Challenge – Art


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