Happiness is … hoar frost on a tree



“Winter is the time for comfort, for good food and warmth, for the touch of a friendly hand and for a talk beside the fire: it is the time for home.”–Edith Sitwell

D R E S S E D  F O R  T H E  F E S T I V E  S E A S O N 

Saturday’s Weekend Challenge on partner Susan’s and my alternate site was the word HAPPY.

I enjoy walking outside after a snowfall to see how the landscape has changed with the arrival of the newly fallen snow. But what I really enjoy is taking that same stroll after hoar frost has covered trees with a thin layer of ice. There is an new animation and life force added to the trees.

There is something about high humidity and colder temperatures that seem to welcome the appearance of hoar frost on the many trees and bushes that have become devoid of life during the Christmas season.

The frost arrived over night early Friday morning and when I looked out my window and saw the filigree of ice decorating all the trees I dressed, picked up my camera and took a leisurely stroll around the neighborhood despite the frigid temperatures.

My curiosity was rewarded when I stepped  across the street from me suite and noticed this array of trees coated not only with newly fallen snow but a top layering of hoar frost.

Mother Nature it seems is anxious to heave her trees dressed appropriately for the holiday season ahead.

One day later this visual treat was gone as the temperatures rose a little above the freezing mark.

There will be plenty of such outdoor treats during the winter months but I think the very first such event puts a person in the proper frame of mind for the season.

What do you think?


Weekly Prompts Weekend Challenge – Happy



  1. What do I think? I think I agree with you – nature’s beauty is a joy to behold at this time of year. Not everyone sees nor appreciates as they shiver and hurry on by. Appreciating nature’s winter artform is a gift with which you have been blessed. xx🙂


    • Exactly. I think the first hoar frost of the season is the most dramatic, awe inspiring and awakening event of the winter. There will always be snow but the hoar frost is a magical event. 🙂


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