Gingerbread house exudes character




“I thought maybe we could make gingerbread houses, and eat cookie dough and go ice skating and maybe even hold hands.” — Buddy the Elf

A N A T O M Y  O F  A  G I N G E R  B R E A D  H O U S E 

The ever creative store staff at the Callingwood Safeway outlet in northwest Edmonton this past week had eleven entries in a make a gingerbread house competition. Out of that total one entry seemed to shine above the rest.

It was created by a female employee named “MJ” and her creative effort and style dominates the scene.

I decided to dissect the entry to point out the intricacies of her efforts.

In the first photo ( the tower which is actually located in the third photo on the left hand side) is part and parcel of a joined structure connected by a small bridge.

If you look closely at the second photo you will notice that there is an LED display in the center of the structure. There is a sense of animation and fun.

The final photo shows the recombined structure as all of its elements create an artistically pleasing photo.

The structure was made of gingerbread and not a cardboard backing.

At this stage of the game it appears that all the customers who decided to vote and choose their favorite entry favored this one over the competition.

All of the eleven tries were prepared by the different departments in the store and the final vote will be held soon.

I will keep you updated as to the winner of this instore competition.

A tip of the hat to “MJ” and all store employees who participated.

Creativity and a sense of fun knows no limitation at this outlet.

Great work to one and all. 







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