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“You can’t understand a city without using its public transportation system.”― Erol Ozan

The buses and the Light Rail Transit (LRT) systems utilized in the Edmonton area are based on speed, efficiency, customer service and courtesy.

H I G H  T E C H  B U S  R I D E   E Y E   O P E N I N G

This week’s Wednesday Challenge on partner Susan and my other site was BUS RIDING.

Public transit systems today ( in this case bus lines) are a far cry from the more archaic form of transportation that was offered to the public only a few years ago. The age of the computer has enhanced the experience.

The ast time I travelled as a passenger on a city bus I had a vague notion of where I was going and when my stop might be coming today. I dreaded taking the bus in those days.

The Edmonton Transit System (EDS) is a high tech system that keeps its passengers in formed, safe , on time and knowledgeable of where they are going at all times.

The above photo was taken from my seat near the front section of the bus ( a section reserved for handicapped passengers, folks with walkers, sight impaired passengers and mothers pushing baby buggies and seniors). 

If you look at the top portion of the photo near the middle of the screen you will see an LED readout indicating the time of my trip. This computerized readout also offers passengers the date, intersection being approached and a notation informing passengers when a Light Rail Transit (LRT) station is being approached.

A female computerized voice announces to both driver and passengers “STOP REQUESTED” 

Strict social distancing rules are adhere to and an updated air filtration system constantly circulates frsh air throughout the bus. It is a safe and non invasive system.

What struck me the most was the fact that both passengers thank the driver for his service to them.

Every passenger is offered a sincere “Have a safe and good day” by the driver.

The driver’s station is partitioned off with plexiglass ( in the photo his seat is at the left front of the bus).

This was the first time in over forty years that I had travelled as a passenger aboard a bus 

My attitude about using the public transit system has been markedly changed from the experience.

Passenger are aware of where they are at all times during their travels on this system.

Computers now keep passengers informed of the when , where , how , why and what of their travels.

The ride is enjoyable. The fellow passengers courteous. The driver professional.

I will be frequenting this form travel a lot more now. 



Weekly Prompts Wednesday Challenge – Bus Riding


  1. And now that you have your bus pass you’ll be able to travel all over the city and enjoy the sights that we car drivers normally miss. But for now best wait until lockdown is finished. 🙂

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    • The passenger is totally safe and knows there they are at all times. And for seniors the price of the bus pass is not that bad for the service you receive. No fussing with transfer . I enjoyed the ride. 🙂

      Liked by 1 person

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