Been dreaming of a “Blue” Christmas?





“For centuries men have kept an appointment with Christmas. Christmas means fellowship, feasting, giving and receiving, a time of good cheer, home.”

My partner Susan on her alternate Saturday Weekend Challenge site asks the question “what color is Christmas?”

For many folks in the Edmonton Alberta area the answer is a resounding BLUE.

This Christmas the Grinch has teamed up with the dreaded COVID 19 virus to dampen the fun side of a number of the well known and often frequented visitor attractions at West Edmonton Mall.

The over sized indoor fun golf course ( on left) is now empty of all those folks who want to enjoy themselves putting around while their families are shopping at the mall. In years gone by there were waiting lines here as long as the ones dedicated to seeing Santa Claus.

The photo on the right was also once an active spot where youngsters and those not so young watched as the sea lions frolicked and entertained crowds of passersby. Now the pool attendants and the sea lion keepers are the only visitors allowed to congregate near the area.The sea lions still enjoy the swim but probably miss their admiring crowds.

The once crowded food court is now limited to a few of those daring souls hungry enough to brave the risks of contracting the virus despite the more than adequate safety precautions the mall’s management has taken to ensure there is no spread of the virus.

It is truly a BLUE Christmas as the throngs of shoppers have also dwindled to a few adventurous  buyers who seek those advertised bargains that no one else is taking advantage of these days.

Hopefully Christmas 2021 will be a more festive and jolly time for us all. 


Weekly Prompts Colour Challenge – Christmas


  1. And now we have something to look forward to, our future no longer seems as bleak. Next year will not be a blue blue Christmas as the song goes. It will be sparkling and bright. 🙂

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