Dementia: based on fact or fiction?





“Remember, the dementia patient is not giving you a hard time. The dementia patient is having a hard time.”- 


This is a follow up article to “The Lazarus Effect Consideration Pt 1” written a few weeks ago. A few readers hoped for a happy ending to this macabre tale. Unfortunately this rea life situation has no such ending. – gc

My time as a free thinking human being might be coming to a swift ending . Tomorrow I will go to a medical clinic and have a psychiatric nurse give me a second such test to determine any and all signs of dementia . This will be the same type of Cognitive Assessment Test (CAT) that President Trump took a while ago.

The reason for my being evaluated rests in the hands of my sister and her psychiatrist whom she has convinced that I am suffering from Alzheimer’s disease. She herself years ago was diagnosed as exhibiting bipolar personality traits. Over the years I have taken care of her and ensured she was always cared for, protected and loved.

Six weeks ago her psychiatrist decided to take her off her one mg Haldol medication. At the time she thought the move was a wonderful freedom from the drug regimen she had followed for years.

Before you break out the confetti for the ticker tape parade you should know that her manic traits have blossomed. She now sleeps four hours per day; drinks 10  cups of “decaf” coffee because she says it “is good” for her;  and is in the process of having me declared an Alzheimer patient.

She blames me for not taking her off the prescribed mediation sooner than I did. I told her I wrote her psychiatrist and begged him to help me. He did nothing to assist. Her rage and resentment are now directed towards me.

She is doing an abundant amount of research on the internet to confirm her suspicions of my deteriorating mental state. While she is deeply involved in her research of me her psychiatrist has declined to offer her any type of therapeutic counselling. His advice to her “call me if you feel there is a need.”

She had called a social service agency that deals with addiction and mental health issues claiming that she feels “scared to death” to be in the same room with me. On the telephone she is intimidated by me but when we have meals and watch television there is no evidence of this fear.

Her ultimate goal is the gain a power of attorney over me, have me committed and then rule the roost. The social agency is giving her “helpful” information on how to do this very act. They also suggest that if my tests turn out negative they will search through all my medical files to look for anything that might help her case against me.

I told the social case workers that she is a chameleon and a con artist. However in this case the emotionally distraught woman is believed over and above the male.

She is so determined to have me committed that the family physician who assured her I do NOT have Alzheimer’s disease or symptoms in her opinion is “wrong and does not know what he is talking about”.

The doctor told me that he has “never seen so much hatred exhibited by another human being”.

By the way she is getting a new physician for herself this coming week. Apparently our physician did not agree with her diagnosis of me and she called him “stupid”.

When a power of attorney claim is made BOTH parties have to be evaluated.

I took a test on Saturday and was deemed to be free of any signs of dementia. This test was conducted at my home by two independent case workers who suggested I take the scheduled test for this coming Monday.

I initially wrote this article using fictitious names that in fact referred to me and my sister. But now the situation has changed and I want to come clean with anyone who read the initial article.

I am now sitting at my desk trying not to infuriate my sister and avoiding any type of confrontational interchange with her.

Time will tell which one of us will be believed and which one will be institutionalized.

Wish me the best folks. 🙂






  1. My first reaction to this, Gerry, was, “This is nuts.” Wrong choice of words, I know, but something is not right. How can your sister, who has been/is on medication for depression and mental illness make the doctors have you tested? That makes absolutely no sense. I’m with Susie–you will pass with flying colors. But isn’t there some way to have this entire matter rectified to show that you are of sound mind and don’t need tests to prove it?

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    • Here’s the skinny on that one: She had the therapist call at 7 a.m. a few weeks ago. She was laughing loudly and this woke me up. I got pissed off at the “doctor” and told him he was an incompetent oaf guilty of malfeasance and malpractice. I told him “she” needs help.

      I guess he asked her if I got violent or threatening her. I assume you drew the worst picture of me. A few days later a two person team from Access 24/7 visited us. I spoke with the male investigator and she with the female one in the kitchen.

      I tried to explain to the male counterpart that she needs a therapist better than her current doctor. I detailed the details of her behavior.

      I guess he did not believe me. She is now sleeping around four hours per day and cannot form coherent sentences or complete her thoughts. And I am the one being evaluated?

      I think I will just let her drift into dementia and if she is re evaluated the proof as they say will be in the pudding.

      I think the “best” way for me to have this situation rectified is to take the test tomorrow.

      I feel like the Santa Claus in the movie “Miracle on 34th Street” who is given the evaluation by the store personnel manager who is himself a pent up basket case. 🙂

      Take care Lois. Be safe. 🙂

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