Our first major-minor snowfall?




“The snow began to fall again, drifting against the windows, politely begging entrance and then falling withdisappointment to the ground”― Jamie McGuire

A light sprinkle of snow added a powdery white veneer to the tree tops in the nearby trees. As the temperature rose to above the freezing mark the snow made a speedy retreat.

This morning a little after eight a.m. what started off as a light sprinkle of rain turned a few moments later into a fine dusting of wet winter snow.

I live in the northern part of Alberta (Edmonton) and the amount of snow we received was almost negligible. The southern part of the province ( around the Calgary area) was inundated with a lot more of the white stuff.

Calgary is in the snow belt region and ski country at the mountain resorts would welcome any help they could get to stay afloat considering the influence of the ever present COVID 19 virus.

By ten a.m. the temperature rose and the snow that had accumulated in the tree tops melted and fell to the ground as water droplets.

My suggestion during the winter months: stay alert, dress warm and always carry your camera with you.

More snow is scheduled for the area this weekend!






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