Give this ambitious guy a 10 for sure



“There is more credit and satisfaction in being a first-rate truck driver than a tenth-rate executive” — B.C. Forbes

D O N ‘ T  L E A V E  H O M E  W I T H O U T  I T

This article is written in conjunction with partner Susan’s Weekend Challenge GIVE IT 10.

I noticed the above pickup truck and the empty flatbed anchored behind it in the neighborhood a few days this week . The load for the flatbed was missing yet the vehicle parked there for a good majority of the week.

This morning I noticed that there was another vehicle perched atop the wooden platform and I wondered if the driver was taking no chances of having a breakdown and was hauling this extra vehicle as a safety precaution.

This being a long holiday weekend in Canada (Thanksgiving) and Columbus Day in the United States many folks will be taking to the roads but not as many as last year due to the COVID 19 pandemic.

This guy deserves a BIG 10 for his ambitious plan of seeing the country his way. 


Weekend Challenge – Give it 10


          • Ah, Gerry my love, you know me well! 🙂

            I was twenty years old and a new driver. I parked my mini in someone’s driveway and did not notice that the metal thing sticking up that holds two gates together was large enough to latch onto my brake pipe.

            It was a rude awakening for a new driver. I was very lucky.

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            • Years ago I was taking my driver’s test. The inspector who was rating me asked me to parallel park behind a truck. I followed all the appropriate signs and signals. In my opinion I successfully parked the vehicle.

              The inspector ( a man with one arm missing) asked me to look out the front window near him. When I did so I noticed there was a long metal pipe mere inches from his head and the windshield.

              I noticed as I was backing into place the man fidgeting in his seat and in the final moments getting ready to open the door and jump out.

              Now I understood the reason for his dread and angst.

              At that stage of the game I asked him if I passed the test. With a shortness of breath and an ashen colored face he said yes I did.

              Sometimes life is filled with miracles. 🙂

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