COVID – a prowler and a howler



“We are now seeing a warning light on the dashboard…… our assessment is that we should now squeeze that brake pedal in order to keep the virus under control.” – Boris Johnson.

A M O D E R N  D A Y  P R A N K S T E R 

Many of President Trump’s staunchest supporters are still unconvinced that the virus pandemic is real and that the fake new media is actually revving up social hysteria to intentionally seduce the public into believing the democratic myth of the dangers inherent to one and all.

That being said here is my take on the type of Halloween party celebrations many erstwhile Trump followers will have this year .




This is a traditional party favorite wherein the participant(s) get into the howling mood the day traditionally generates. There’s nothing like a hot vat of oil tearing away at your face to make you feel alive.




In this version of the game participants are spun around and then are allowed to pin the tail (blame) on their favorite Democrat. Nany Pelosi and Chuck Schumer are party favorites.  Audience members shout out “lock them up” as the masked  contestant attempts to put the tail where it belongs.  Always a party pleaser.




This is a Trump inspired and recommended way to immediately cleanse your system of your COVID infection. A bottle of CLOROX bleach is constructed  to serve as an injection site for those “avant-garb” party goers who firmly believe that wearing a mask is for sissies and that getting this kind of off the wall fix is good for you.  After all they reckon the president would not recommend anything that he would not use. Would he?





Party favors are also offered to those individuals who want to take the good times home with them. A bubble pack of  Hydroxychloroquine is offered as a door prize. his gift speaks for itself and every Trump supporter must swear his allegiance to sing t if he/she does accept this parting gift.





If the aforementioned activities are too sissy for you then you can gather your friends and hold public mask burning events in your own neighborhood. “Burn them up” will become the battle cry of the day. This activity is a must for all those devoted Trump worshippers who want to make their view public. A not to be missed endeavor.

If this type of lunatic activity is not part of your Halloween festivity consider yourself normal and publicly and proudly display your sanity by voting on election day. 

Remember with Trump the Zombie Apocalypse is only one more term away.

Trick or treat?




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