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Word Press is definitely “pissing off” a number of their faithful users by forcing this new Block Editor down their throats. The block heads at this site hope that by turning a deaf ear to its users the gripers will just quit. Now for WP that is a blockheaded mistake to make. – gc

This, That, and the Other

I just sent this screed below to the “too bad, so sad” response I got from the Happiness Engineers at WordPress. I know it won’t do any good, and that I’m shouting into deaf ears, but I had to get it off my chest. If you’re a fan of the block editor, if you don’t use or don’t care about the hassle that the block editor is causing for those of us who blog using our smartphones, or if you are just sick and tired of  bloggers like me whining about being forced to use it, feel free to skip this post. I won’t be offended.

Dear WordPress,

I’m having trouble wrapping my head around WordPress’ strategy. You say that the classic editor available on the plugin in the Business Plan is the same one that is available at the wp-admin site. And you say that it was “built with…

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  1. As you know, I was moved over to blocks soon after the official change over in early August, as was our Weekly Prompts site, and like Fandango, I still miss the Classic Editor that he and I previously used.

    I’ve finally settled with the classic that is available with WP Admin, the one that you’ve always used.

    I can understand why Fandango is frustrated and angry, the WP Admin editor was the original Classic, it’s old and was NOT created with smartphones in mind, and given that over the years WP released two further versions of the classic I wonder if it has ever been updated to include mobile computing.

    As a former teacher of IT my first choice, like you is usually my computer.

    I gave all the three available WP editors a good workout. The problem with Blocks is that it’s a web text editor and NOT a Word Processor and for me that’s where the problems lie, not to mention the often unresponsive image editor.

    Writers of any description need the flexibility of a word processor with which to write. The blocks default text editor hinders the flow of the text and interrupts the thought process, and annoyingly there is no way to move around lines of text without having to move the whole block.

    Similarily the Classic Block has little text and image flexibility, though slightly more than the block editor itself.

    I couldn’t offer Fandango a workable solution, other than downloading a smartphone-friendly word processor, there are free ones out there including a free version of Word and then copy and paste the text into WordPress.

    As for those bloggers who still haven’t been moved over to blocks, I sympathise. The WP support instructions are not comprehensive enough which is why I created the three step-by-step guides on our Weekly Prompts How-To page.

    Recently, WordPress gave free sites easier access to WP Admin Classic Editor with not a hint of blocks in sight! This meant I had to edit the help guide for the WP Admin Classic to include instructions for those of us who pay a fee and those who do not!


    • An informative and helpful article Susan. I think the real problem is that the WP team has lost its edge and is now floundering about for any solution that will take the heat off themselves. I also using a Samsung Galaxy tablet and one there is “Word Press Automatic Inc. The promo spiel states ” easily build your website and blog. Create posts and track analytics from anywhere.”

      A number of people who used this app says that it crashes and fails a lot, freezes when you are using it, Also included are jumping cursors , disappearing text and awkward formatting results.

      There is also difficulty editing the material you input to your WP site.

      All in all it is a lemon app and forcing the folks using Android systems to adopt this flawed Block Editing system is downright criminal.

      It is to bad that WP gurus cannot leave well enough alone.

      Oh well as you and I know Susan this is an annual conundrum foisted on their users by the staff.

      Such is life I guess. 🙂

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