Bus stop turned into trash dump


“Psychologists find that when people do something they know is wrong, they automatically try to find reasons why they had to behave that way. This is known as “fundamental attribution error.” – Anon.

N O T  A  B L I G H T E D  N E I G H B O R H O O D  Y E T 

The topic for this week’s Wednesday Challenge on partner Susan and my alternate site, WEEKLY PROMPTS, was WIND BLOWN.

Imagine if you will that this is your bus stop or that it is located directly across the street from your home, condominium or rental property. How would you feel about this public eyesore?

Now before you rush to make any type of conclusion about this neighborhood let me tell you that it is an upper middle class area, the rents here are exorbitant, the home values in the six figure list and the bus stop is directly across from a senior citizen community center.

The above scenes were not the direct result of any hurricane, flood damage or tornadic activity. It was the result of someone who seems to consider the world his/her garbage site and in effect is telling the rest of us to “go to hell” with saving the environment.

I came upon the mess this past Tuesday afternoon. It is a major cause for concern and it might have been placed there as a practical joke. The small concrete municipal trash container is placed there to handle smaller types of refuse and a smaller collection vehicle is used to empty the containers on a regular basis.

High fences dot the neighborhood here and the perpetrators would not have been seen committing this act of vandalism.

I returned to the site a few days later and the trash had been removed. 

The mess was adjacent to a senior center and I wonder what the visitors there would think of the area after viewing it.

People who do this type of juvenile “mischief” must be short a few cans of a six pack.

A tip of the hat to the city clean up crews who handle this and other such acts of public indifference.



The bearded male cartoon figure sitting in the blue chair and taking notes is Freud and NOT CNN’s Wolf Blitzer. 





Wednesday Challenge – Wind Blown

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