Moms confront bus driver over masks



“Knowing what’s right doesn’t mean much unless you do what’s right.”― Theodore Roosevelt

S C I E N C E  V E R S U S  S T U P I D I T Y

This has been a dramatic week in which (1) children riding a bus to school were turned away because they did not wear a COVID facial protective mask; (2) angered mothers waited in ambush under trees to give the bus driver a piece of their minds ; and (3) school bus drivers became enforcers of city’s recently bylaws requiring riders on school buses to wear masks.

Tuesday morning of this week around nine a.m. eight children were left at the bus stop because they were not wearing masks. Their mothers were outraged and held an impromptu meeting outside my back bedroom window. They were angered because their children were turned away and the bus sped away without them on it.

Another group of distraught mothers a little later that morning around 10 a.m. also met on the front steps of another apartment block and expressed their concerns to a mother whose daughter was wearing a mask that day.

The woman ( in the above photo holding the dog’s leash) promised the upset mothers she would call the school and complain. She did have the bus driver’s phone number. She lacked any clout because after she scolded the driver he closed the vehicle door and sped away.

The schools in this area are staggering the times when children can attend in class instruction. Children without asks at the aforementioned times were left standing at the bus stop.

Their mothers once again incensed by the driver’s action. However the number of mothers waiting there at the stop with their children dwindled from a high of 10 on Tuesday to a low of six youngsters today.

 As the bus pulled away from the stop the children retreated back home. Their parents were not with them today. An important milestone I guess. 

The stalwart bus driver should be applauded for his steadfastness and observance of the  bylaw.

The mothers should be chastised for their arrogance, stupidity and non observance of this life saving law.

The women should either conform to the new norm or start home teaching their children.

Bothe of these folks have hard choices to be made because their lives and the health and well being of others around them are on the line. 

These indifferent mothers should be taught the ABC’s of a COVID 19 reality.



  1. It’s a difficult one. Everyone over here is required by law to wear a face mask on public transport. Children under the age of eleven are not required to wear masks.

    Such a pity that Covid laws are not universal.

    If the virus hits their school those mothers will be the first to take their children home and complain.

    As you know the infection numbers are rising again here, including schools.

    Joss has a very ill Covid infected colleague at his school and two classes have been sent home to isolate. Parents whose children have had no contact with the staff member are beginning to panic and keep the children away from school.

    A mother’s job is to protect and at times it takes a wake up call to convince them to do so.


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