Are they partying on borrowed time?



Will young people ever get older? Will seniors be able to enjoy their golden years without the aid of being incubated in a hospital Emergency Room? There is a great divide between sense and nonsense these days. Are young adults irresponsible towards the COVID 19 safety protocols?

Nan's Farm

“Our family – with every birth and union it grows, and every crisis faced together makes the circle stronger.” _ unknown.

Over onWeekly Prompts this weekend, partner GC and my Weekend Challenge was the word Tall. This is my second response to our challenge. Also linked to Fandango’s Replace

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    • It is a crazy situation. Even crazier is the fact that President Trump is having one of his mega political campaigns indoor and face masks or social distancing is not required. He is a man for the people or is he really?


      • He’s no man for the people. He’s only for himself. In my day he would be called a commie and outted when he said Putin was as nice guy. After his latest stunt in saying our vets are losers, if he wins our nation is gone to communism. He doesn’t give a care for rules of law or our constitution. Maybe it’s luck they don’t wear masks… Just a thought. A good thought they all breathe on each other. Just my humble response.

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        • Bravo. Your “humble response” represents the way a majority of Americans feel right now about President Rump. If more of his avid followers were to breathe heavily on each other then the numbers of his supporters would decline rapidly. He calls Biden a “communist” while he himself has his head high up Putin’s behind. If that is not sucking up then I do not know what is. 🙂

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