Mrs. Fixit’s hands on approach



If you are an all thumbs person like me who shudders at the thought of trying to repair a household item then Susan’s article is a “must read” for you. She has put a lot of effort into exploring the “novel” side of the newest Word Press editor. An informative read.

Nan's Farm

“The Goldilocks enigma is the idea that everything in the universe is just right for life, like the porridge in the fairy tale.”– Paul Davies

The Wednesday Challenge over onWeekly Prompts, the site shared with my partner GC isOops!

Oops is about opening parcels and finding out that some items are broken. It’s about the clumsy mishaps that occur that cannot be fixed – or can they?

My former boss, my headteacher, had two nicknames for me, the first was Mrs Gadget  because of my love of gadgets! The second was Mrs Fixit and usually used when I fixed a computer fault without having to call out the engineer.

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    • Most welcome partner. You did a lot of intensive background work on the article and I hope this will help clarify a lot of questions readers have about the new editor. Great work. 🙂


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