Sex with aliens cause of virus!




“I think the surest sign that there is intelligent life out there in the universeis that none of it has tried to contact us.” -Bill Watterson.

A N E W  T Y P E  O F  H E R D  M E N T A L I T Y ?

The content of the following blog article does not really warrant me posting an ADULT ONLY warning sign since the source of the information is a medical “practitioner ” that President Trump endorses and believes when she publicly states that the current COVID 19 virus is caused by an increasing number of folks having sex with aliens.

I know that is somewhat difficult to believe but the president believes it and that is all that really matters to a significant number of his devoted followers. 

The doctor recently made her theory public and the Trump of course in one of his recent daily medical briefings made the announcement sound like it was based on scientific theory. It was not.

Trump is desperately grasping at straws and any and all theories to get him off the hook are welcomed.

It is bad enough that folks are socially isolating publicly from one another and drastically limiting intimate contact due to COVID concerns.

But now we all have to be wary of hooking up with aliens whose main goal is to contaminate the planet with their stellar building block materials.

ET…please go home!






  1. Remember my post last week about the friend’s daughter who believes that Covid is a hoax. I think I wrote this after your visit. It was my own version of a conspiracy theory. Almost as bad as Trump’s concerns that an Alien could possibly want to have sex with him! 😂

    Here you go…

    Aliens have landed 👽, they intend to live here, but there’s not enough room for them. So after contacting the governments and warning that they would make humans extinct, our governments came up with a plan that would allow half the human population to live and make room for the aliens.

    They developed a virus ☠️that would kill off the expendable, the old, the sick and the obese, only the strongest amongst humans will survive😂

    My theory must be true, otherwise why would he be worried about Aliens. 🙂

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  2. I listened to an American the other day say that the pope comes from alien ancestors from the pyramid age and they wear those hats to cover their elongated heads.. and when they were children being bought up in the normal world..!!!!! The world is full of crazies..


  3. Sorry to say but the idiocy of some comments is simply astounding. I so wish people would rather seek facts instead of vomiting stupidity on someone’s blog. Oh, I forgot, some can’t read anything other than a meme or find his home town, or even his country, on a world atlas.

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