Long-term Effects of Coronavirus



The COVID 19 virus is long lasting, mutating virus. To not wear a mask for any reason whatsoever is sheer folly. The skeptical quickly change their tune when the virus becomes a personal reality for them. This article offers more reasons why we all should follow the advice of medical professionals. Be smart protect yourself and others. Thanks Judy for the article.

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If you are thinking you don’t need to wear a mask, please read this essay. I do not know who wrote the below essay which I received from a friend on Facebook, but it makes such good points that I’ve decided to pass it on. If anyone knows its source, please let me know.

“Chicken pox is a virus. Lots of people have had it, and probably don’t think about it much once the initial illness has passed. But it stays in your body and lives there forever, and maybe when you’re older, you have debilitatingly painful outbreaks of shingles. You don’t just get over this virus in a few weeks, never to have another health effect. We know this because it’s been around for years, and has been studied medically for years.
Herpes is also a virus. And once someone has it, it stays in their body and lives…

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  1. Yes.. viruses hang around. That said we managed to get rid of smallpox… for now – Ooh, I feel the The Shark music coming on!

    Each year different flu viruses materialize and those of us who are sensible vaccinate against the current one’s, and the same ones probably pop up again along the way. We vaccinate not only for our own safety but to prevent it spreading to those we come into contact with and those who may be more vulnerable than us.

    For the most part it works. And if wasn’t for those of us who vaccinate against the yearly flu it would be much worse.

    I think of this virus on similar lines: some of us wear masks to prevent it spreading and those who don’t wear masks should think again and begin to thank those of us who’ve put ourselves out to endure vaccines and uncomfortable masks, kept our distance, not seen our family and not just for selfish reasons but to try and put a halt to this virus.


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