A much needed tune for our time




“You’ve got more strength than you can know…dig in your faith and don’t let go… trust yourself.” – Ashleigh Smith, “In The Rain“. 

For the past number of months everyone’s attention has been focused on the devastating effects of the COVID 19 virus on the people of the world. The spread of the pandemic is quickening and the death tolls and infections are also disturbing and alarming.

With all this gloom and doom and nail biting I think what we all need is an upbeat song offering inspirational and comforting lyrics we can all relate to.

I heard this tune on my car radio a few days ago and realized that the song and the singer is just what the majority of people need right now.

The United States is losing the battle to the virus and an uncaring president is concerned with his own well being not yours and mine.

Therefore I recommend you listen to this tune and start to believe in yourself and the personal decisions and choices you make in your life.

Bing Crosby offered the world “White Christmas” during World War Two.

I think Ashleigh’s song offers a modern day uplifting for us all.

Enjoy the tune. Tell me what you think.

If you have your own song tell me about it.

Tale care. Be safe. Enjoy the day. 🙂




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