Window sills – venues for creativity




“The walls are bare; look out of the window and you have a finer sight than any painter has ever placed on a piece of canvas.”― Iain Pears.

C U R I O S  A N D  C R E A T I V I T Y

WINDOW SILLS were topic of concern for this Wednesday’s Challenge on partner Susan and my alternate website  WEEKLY PROMPTS. 

Do you remember visiting your grandma’s house when you were a child and if she lived in the country her kitchen window ledge served as a waiting station for her freshly baked apple or cherry pies to cool down so that visitors could enjoy their inviting favors?

In this day and age we have become the grandparents and for many of us who do not bake pies, cookies or tarts our window sills might lay dormant lacking any kind of adornment other than the sleepy family cat lounging thee peacefully in the warm sunlight.

For those of you who want to spruce up this often ignored space in your home try converting it into your own creative display case in which you place those dusty but treasured nick-knacks that would appreciate a new location in which to shine and a sunny location would do the trick just fine.

My neighbor and his wife are artists, love fishing and enjoy gardening and so their kitchen window brazenly flaunts their love of these activities with the art objects displayed in their windows.

Rummage through your own curio collection and see what creative opportunities await you there. 


Wednesday Challenge – Window Sills




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