Trump’s been out bullied by a virus



“People who love themselves, don’t hurt other people. The more we hate ourselves, the more we want others to suffer.”― Dan Pearce, Single Dad Laughing

T R U M P  I S  A  D I V I S I V E  P R E S I D E N T

President Trump is a bully who admires strong leaders such as Vladimir Putin, Kim Jong -un and a myriad of lesser known potentates who use the brute force and political influence to sway their country’s way of thinking and perceiving reality.

That is something we all know and loathe about the man. His type of jack boot governing and closed minded tyrannical approach is most effective on flesh and blood subjects who must conform to his diverse meanderings or else face the immediate consequences of not complying to his whims and wishes.

But the COVID 19 virus doesn’t really care about how corrupt or how democratic a leader might be because it has its own secret agenda.

After denying the fact that the virus exists and is a threat to life on this planet Trump has finally accepted the fact that his strong arm tactics or endless tweets or denials of the virus will not affect its spread in any way, shape or form.

Trump harbors a twisted, flexible , perverse and practical mindset . He has now focused his attention to preserving all those confederate statues and monuments and flags that resurrect the history and the glory and the bigotry of a time lost in the history book of time.

His concern with the past is based not on personal opinion but political practicality. He needs a gimmick to plug into his political support base and by threatening to protect his supporters rights and history he is trying to bluff his way into the Oval Office for another four year term of office.

He used the federal government’s power and economic clout to construct his Great Wall that would keep out the unwanted and unwashed that tried to gain illegal entry to the country.The states involved tried to dissuade him from constructing the wall but he ignored their pleas. This was a federal government venture and the states needed to accept that fact of life.

When the VOVID 19 virus appeared a number of months ago he downplayed the threat of a pandemic and turned his attention to the upcoming election.The virus was not a threat. It will be gone by spring or summer at the latest.

When the death totals started to rise and the state governments requested his assistance Trump told them it was a state by state matter. Don’t bother the White House. Figure it out for yourself. We all see where that went. Down the drain.

Trump is now stirring up the pot by ordering that schools open in August and threatened that funding to the states will be cut off their funding if they defy  his edicts.

School boards are concerned. Parents are anxious. Teachers affected by his order are worried about the health and safety of their students.

The country seeks leadership and a plan to cope with this uncontrollable virus. But no help is available at the federal level.

The country is at war with the pandemic invader and the commander in chief has his head up his butt hoping that one day this mess will all go away and things will once again be beautiful .

Hail to the grief. Sadly, the United States has no chief.








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