Potholes: costly and dangerous Pt 2



“In SA we used to drive on the left side of the road. Now we drive on what’s left of the road.” – Anon.


P O T H O L E S  R E C E I V E  S P L O T C H Y  R E P A I R S 


This is the second and final installment on partner Susan and my WEEKLY PROMPT word challenge POTHOLES. The first article dealt with the presence of these driving menaces on the streets and highways we are surely to drive this summer. This article focuses on the way in which shopping malls ( in this instance medium to small strip malls) handle pothole repairs.


Have you ever visited your favorite shopping mall ,searched desperately for a parking spot close to the entrance you need and luckily discovered such a spot in the place you wanted to park your car only to discover that a deep puddle of recent rain water totally submerged a treacherous pothole in the next parking spot on your driver’s side by which you just parked your vehicle?

How do you know there was such a pothole there?  Well, you had inadvertently stepped in it and have a soaker on your pants and shoes or else a layer of ice encrusted the hole and you tripped and feel into it. That happened to me a few times. 

Many times the contractor performing the pothole repairs might use a simple band aid approach and fill the holes with rocks, asphalt or tar. Paving a commercial lot might not be in the budget and this less complete handling of the situation works well short term. Long run though the entire lot needs to be repaired and repaved.

Yesterday I was on the opposite side of a neighborhood Safeway parking lot and although the larger holes were tended to the smaller ones were numerous and their shallow holes allowed the recently fallen rain water to accumulate around the lot.

Contractors might be trying to cut costs by taking short cuts to repair a public problem but store managers and their regional offices receive complaints from fuming customers and store owners.

Potholes are hidden dangers that should be dealt with in an efficient and competent manner. A lesser way of handling the problem is unacceptable.

Wednesday Challenge – Potholes





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